Soils can act as an abrasive to your carpets fiber and backing, dulling the finish and delaminating the backing. Regular maintenance and attention can help improve your carpets performance. Weekly vacuuming (sometimes more) is required in rooms of daily use to remove abrasive soils and lift the carpets pile to discourage matting. Manufactures Warranty regulates professional cleaning through hot water extraction (steam cleaning) every 12-18 months to protect your carpet. The Carpet Collection are also experts at helping you clean and maintain your carpet through hot water extraction. Call today for help and advise in maintaining your homes carpets.


Vinyl can be an extremely strong surface, known as Resilient Flooring within the industry. Cleaning can be performed with a number of cleaners and techniques to achieve a desired level of clean. We at the Carpet Collection advise the use of neutral based cleaners to avoid sticky residues that can gather soils faster in between cleaning. When moving appliances such as fridges or dish washers on vinyl floor it is important to put a thin sheet of plywood or a thick piece of cardboard underneath the front legs before moving to avoid from ripping or tearing the vinyl floor. Chairs with wheels or casters can also cause damage to the floor that will not be covered in any warranties.


Tile projects can be large investments that a lot of the protection can come from proper planning. Using the right sub-floor or waterproofing can help protect your tile project for tens of years to come. Make sure you talk with the experts at the Carpet Collection when planning your next tile project to make sure you are protected from possible headaches in the future. Cleaning of tile surfaces can be done with a number of cleaning agents or techniques including steam mops. Again we advise the use of neutral based cleaners to avoid the build up of residues that can collect soils and make surfaces look dirty, especially grout. Cleaning of grout can be a long labor intensive clean. We at the Carpet Collection can harness extreme water temperature and pressure to blast the dirt out of grout and tile fissures to clean tile surface, affordably (average kitchens just $169, up to 200sqft)! Refer to our testimonials page for results photo.


Today’s pre-finished hardwoods made by reliable manufactures are made with harder finishes that will not need re-finishing throughout the life of the floor. Modern technologies including engineering wood has given wood more structural integrity which reduces the chance of cupping or crowning. Not all wood can be installed in all areas of your home. All species of wood have different levels of hardness. It is important to talk to the experts at the Carpet Collection before purchase to ensure you get the floor that is right for the area of home and traffic level it will be in. Low moisture cleaning is advised. Cleaning should be done with products advised by the manufactures. We also advise use of vinegar and water mixture wiped clean with a teary cloth towel. We DO NOT recommend use of steam mop on wood floors. Wood can be sensitive to atmospheric moisture levels.


Created by layering a picture on a dense press board with a aluminum impregnated wear layer on top, laminate can be a very dent and scratch resistant flooring. A great option for people with large dogs. Standing water is laminates main enemy. So use of small mats near entrance areas and under pet water dishes is advised. Low moisture cleaning techniques are advised. Refer to manufacturer website for advised cleaning product. We also suggest a light mist of a  mixture of vinegar and water wiped clean with a teary cloth towel. Over wetting during cleaning can also cause damage due to swelling of the press board core of the floor. We DO NOT recommend the use of steam mops on laminate floors.

Area Rugs

There are many different fibers used to make area rugs. Wool and other natural fiber are susceptible to stains from dyes. Protectorate can be applied after cleaning to help guard from stains from food and spills. Thought should be put into the area in which the rug will be placed. Kitchens and other eating areas may be better places for rugs comprised of synthetic fibers